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The invitation to XXV Welconomy

We are inviting to the next XXV edition of Welconomy Forum in Toruń on 12- 13
March 2018. Not only will the coming event be unique due to its jubilee but also in
2018 we will celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Polish independence and this
issue will dominate the Opening Session of the first day of the debates.
We will give you the possibility to take part in nearly 40 discussion panels touching
the economy and the social backgrounds. The lecturers invited to Forum will
represent various number of branches and opinion. Thanks to this each participant
will be able to find some interesting topics for him/her. Welconomy is also

associated with the international affairs, with the possibilities of doing new business
with the foreign partners. During the coming Forum we will host among others the
representatives of India, Indonesia, Belarus and Canada.
The organizers provide an excellent atmosphere for bilateral talks and for the
enterpreneurs’ and the institutional promotions. The presence of the most significant.
enterpreneurs, the most distinguished personalities at Welconomy every year, the
attention that is paid by the most prestigious national media builds the rank of
Welconomy. We do encourage you to visit our website where you wil be able to find
next pieces of information concerning Welconomy. Take part in our event.

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