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About us

”Integration and Cooperation” Association was founded in 2000. It carries on the

tradition of organizing economy conferences that had been initiated by FORUM

POLAND – WEST Association, and which were held in Międzyzdroje in 1996 – 2000. 


The Republic of Poland is the area of activities of the Association with its seat in



The main objectives and activitiies of the Association include: 


-     promotion of the European integration process and modern civilization trends

-     supporting the dialogue and reconciliation process

-     creating the multidimentional platform for discussion and exchanging views

-     looking for the ways of solving the political and economical problems in the

country and

all around the world

-     supporting the undertakings and fighting against unemployment

-     promotion of the Polish businessmen’s achivements at the international


-     integration of the rural background with the urban one and fighting against




The proceeded undertakings:


- 2005 – ”the Kujawsko – Pomorskie four-town-city ” conference

- 2006 – ”Modern Liberalism Dilemmas” conference (it was organized with the


of the Academy of Economy)

- 2008 – ”The Young at the Labour Market” conference

- In 2008 ”Integration and Cooperation” Association initiated its own original

project „ Safe

and Ecological Vacations” and „Safe Rute to School” ( the family educational

festiwal sequence).

- 2009 – ”Social thinking of John Paul II vs modern economy and sociology”

conference (it

was organized with the cooperation of the Academy of Economy)

- 2012 – ”Electronic Medical Documentation- the idea for the regional e-health”

conference - - 2012 – ”Export – a chance for the country, the regions and the

enterprises’ development”


- 2013 – ”PomeraniaEXPO” conference

- 2013 – ”Poland: new markets’ conquest” conference.

- ”Integration and Cooperation” Association” also organized ” Skrzat Cup”- the


tournament for children and youth periodically.

- The Economy Forum is the main venture which is organized in March each year.


celebrated its XX anniversery in 2013.

- 2014 – ”Polish export- leading trade partners and new challenges” conference

- 2015 – ”Russia- Germany – new export perspectives and conditions” conference

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