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The taste of adventure. food, travelling and creating a product.

The taste of adventure. Food, travelling and creating a product - these are the basic issues which one of the discussion panels during Welconomy 2020 will be based on.




  • Jarosław Dumanowski – Culinary Heritage Center, History Department at the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń


  • Łukasz Modelski – writer, culinary journalist




  • Paweł Jaskanis – General Manager of Jan III Sobieski Palace Museum  in Wilanów


  • Karol Okrasa – culinary expert, owner of Platter restaurant in Warsaw


  • Andrzej Szumowski – Vice-president of the Management Board of Wyborowa Company Ltd. and President of the Polish Vodka Association


  • Paweł Tatara – restaurant expert, owner of Monka restaurant in Toruń


Food is an important part of our culture. It’s the way to learn much more about it.  It often becomes the target of our trips and the way to get to know something unique. Thanks to taste, products and eating habits we learn about new places we start to remember them. We have managed to taste almost the whole world’s cuisines. Products and dishes from the farthest parts of our globe are available just at the bistro round the corner, at the local shop or even at our table. We have definitely enough of exotic food. Furthermore, our own traditional cuisine becomes more and more unique.


Are the Polish cuisine and the Polish dietary habits very important and recognizable touristic attractions? What can we offer to our guests? What can we do in order to create new characteristic and attractive products. These are the questions we will try to answer  in Toruń.


Come and participate!

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